Why You Need A Professional Email Address For Your Business

By Paul Whittler


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I see a lot of businesses, mostly small sized, use Gmail, Yahoo, and other free email account creators. It may be free, but these kinds of common accounts are wrong to use for your business. You want to create a professional email address for your business from the start and here are the important reasons why.

Always important is the first impression. You only get one chance, and you want to make it good. A potential customer of your business that sees a card with your Gmail or Yahoo account, receives a negative image about your business. It is one that gives a false impression that you are unprofessional, or your business is just a hobby. You want to seem established and organized.

Another factor is the issue of spam filters. Say you want to reach your customers to let them know of a huge sale at your store, or that you have a contest coming up. If you send emails using ordinary accounts, half the time your message won’t even be seen by your customer depending on their spam settings. It will go straight to the junk file.
Getting back to the topic of first impressions is the fact that nowadays, more than ever, identity thieves and money scammers are out there wreaking havoc. Nearly all of these criminals are using Gmail, Yahoo, or other free email accounts to misrepresent themselves as legitimate businesses to unsuspecting victims. They use, as a fictitious example, DonJuansingles@example.com. A lot of people unfortunately fall for these scams and that is why the move is to use a web-domain based email like paul@whittlergraphicdesign.com for business. A lot of website companies today will include a professional looking email address in their website pricing plans. So don’t let your legitimate business get misidentified as a scammer. Look more trustworthy with a domain-based email address.

Finally, the last important reason to switch to a professional email is that it makes for great branding for your business. Your email will stand above others and get you customer leads. It will make customers remember your business name more easily and create trust. Also, your new domain-based email will help your website track better on search engines. So, ditch free email accounts and look like the star you are!

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