In the last few months, Facebook has seen some rocky times. From its association with Cambridge Analytica, to its repositioning itself away from helping small businesses promote themselves to Facebook Nation. Still, Facebook is the platform that many businesses use as an economical way to advertise and reach new customers. Through your business’ Fan Page, you can let everyone know in a short space what your business is all about. You can cull customer reviews, highlight photos of staff and product, and buy relatively inexpensive Ad schedules to be seen outside your realm of those who “like” you. Of course, the best part of it all is the chance to generate sales off of Facebook. Follow along and see how to utilize your Facebook business Fan Page and make money off of it.


First off, it’s entirely possible to make money from Facebook, although there are two different, non-exclusive ways to go about it. Setting up your monetization paths are what’s important, but we’ll discuss more of that at a later point.

We are assuming in this blog that you currently have a complete and functioning Facebook page for your business that is active and visible to the general public. In the steps to monetization, we must investigate different aspects that contribute to this very goal.

The first of these is building up your audience on Facebook. You can do this in several ways, including uploading a mailing list and having Facebook cross-check those emails with valid Facebook accounts. Any user who maintains a Facebook account with that email address will be given the option to like your page. Also, as mentioned at the start of this blog, you can run a schedule of paid ads. It is suggested that you budget yourself between $20-50 per Ad schedule and run your Ad at least once a month.









Okay, now we have come to the good part, making you money from Facebook. We mentioned before that there were two different ways to go about it. The first option you have is to funnel the growing Facebook audience you created through the emails and paid Ads and direct them away from your FB page to your ecommerce website or landing page. There is also the recently introduced, Facebook Marketplace, where you can post items to sell (but not on your page). However, that is an ineffective solution for a product-driven business. Therefore, it is recommended you lead people off Facebook and on to your own website, blog, or storefront. It is there where you get those people to buy your products.

Keep this in mind using your organic posts to advertise and get new potential customers. You can’t really use optimized landing pages in organic posts. Facebook doesn’t like organic posts being dominated by such advertising. They’ll penalize your organic reach and make it harder for your other messages to make it through. Ads, however, can and should always link to an optimized landing page.

A second option available to you for monetization is to run a store directly on Facebook. It’s not as effective as having your own store – people prefer to shop off Facebook, and you lose the presence of a good blog – but it’s perfectly acceptable.

There are a number of services you can use to set up a store in a tab app, including Shopify. The idea is that the service will create and host a storefront for you, and Facebook will become the portal to that store.











Note that such a store is in a tab app, which is somewhat limited in use on Facebook. Again, the best method of the two options is funneling your audience to your own site.

Once you have your path to monetization set up, everything else is about maintenance and growth. You have to grow your fan base, which you can do by posting compelling content and running advertisements that ask for page likes. You have to engage those users so they keep seeing your posts and thus are continually exposed to the idea of your business, leading them to like you more and potentially become future customers.



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