The hot topic for some time in the marketing world has been what’s called S.E.O., or Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of improving your website so users and search engines can understand it more easily, reference it, and make it more visible to others. Is it important for your business? It is if your customers/clients shop on your website, or you are looking to expand your brand and customer outreach.






S.E.O. is an important part of a larger internet marketing strategy. It has the potential to benefit any business in any industry, and it requires a minimal financial investment for outstanding return potential. Anyone from the smallest to the largest of businesses can benefit from a good S.E.O. strategy. The next topic is how S.E.O. works.

When you use proper S.E.O. planning, your website shows up in search engine results pages (or SERPs) for keywords that are related to your industry. So, for example, if you sell ladies handbags online, you can use keywords like “buy ladies handbags online” on your site, along with helpful information on how or what to buy. Then, when someone searches for that keyword in a search engine, there’s a good chance they’ll see your site come up in the results. The higher your site shows in search results, the more likely someone will click to your site. You ultimately want to achieve the result of your business being the top spot in search results for keywords related to your industry/market.











Keywords are important, because they reflect customer intent on behalf of the search engine user. There’s pretty much only one reason someone would search for “buy ladies handbags online” through Google — and that’s to buy ladies handbags.

You can target a huge range of different keywords by writing pages full of in-depth information that teach something new to your website visitors. That information helps them understand your industry better, and it also makes your business a reliable source of relevant information. Soon, you start building trust with your visitors, and they can feel more comfortable taking the steps to become paying customers.

One of the biggest advantages of S.E.O. is its incredible reach and staying power. Google alone fields trillions of searches every year. That number is so big that there are bound to be a few searches for your business, at least. By showing up in those searches, your site becomes its own advertising agent.











Even if you don’t get new visitors to your site all the time, S.E.O. is at least a method of promoting your brand name. Search engine users might click to one of your competitors but seeing your brand in searches, will let them know that you exist. And even at that level, you’re still successfully marketing your company in terms of awareness.

S.E.O. also blends well with your other internet marketing strategies. You can use Facebook FanPages, Instagram, Twitter, and almost any other app to reinforce your website visits and announce your brand to the world! Email marketing, pay-per-click advertising (or PPC), and reputation management also align to this marketing practice.

Even if you don’t succeed with S.E.O. in the beginning, by utilizing it, your business will eventually be way ahead of the game, as opposed to just using traditional marketing.



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