Small Business SEO done the smart way

Small Business SEO done the smart way

By Paul F. Whittler


You are a small business owner with social media, a website, perhaps blogs. However, you are just not getting the reach or response from potential customers online. What’s missing? Well, it’s what’s called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Basically, these are practices within your online marketing that help Google and other search engines find you more easily and help rank your business higher in resulting searches. Here are the smartest ways to help your SEO, without spending a lot of money!

  1.  Make your existing online content the best it can be. Try to be fresh and creative in your content. Don’t be like a broken record and constantly repeat yourself. I’m not saying it can’t be a challenge, but search engines are looking for new information constantly. Add new thoughts, analysis, connect it with current events. Just to name a few. It will help your reach in the long run and it’s free.
  2. Create hyperlinks in your posts. Another great way to improve your SEO for free is using hyperlinks within your social media. What are Hyperlinks? Hyperlinks are embedded links within your post, website, or blog that offer your reader the chance to visit a particular online location by clicking on it. This can be a related article, another social media platform, etc. Having these links to external areas, gives your post more ‘traction’ in the realm of search engine significance. Have at least one or more links within all of your posts and blogs if possible.
  3.  Make sure your online posts are “optimized” for different media. Sharing your content on your website and different social media platforms should always be the goal in your SEO strategy. However, different social media platforms have different schematics. The way your post looks in one platform, say Facebook, may not come out the same in another. To avoid awkward or cut-off posts, use a Social Media Scheduler, like Google Drive or Loomly. Although a little tricky to learn at first, Hootsuite is also a solid option.


So these are a few, cost efficient, ways to improve the SEO in your online marketing and to get more “eyes” checking out your business. Good Luck!


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