Six Great Ad Ideas To Use For Your Small Business

If you just recently opened your own small business, congrats!! Welcome to our diligent club of proud women and men. This article is targeted for any small business owner, but especially for the “start-up entrepreneur.” In the lifeblood of a businesses’ success is the area of promotion and advertising. You may realize this, but you may be a little confused as what to do, or where to start. In our ongoing series of helpful articles, Paul Whittler Graphics will point out ten great ad ideas you should use for your small business. Let’s go!

Now some of the following ideas you may already be aware of and are planning to use. That’s wonderful! However, our list also contains ideas you aren’t necessarily aware of or thought you could never implement for your business. But, you CAN do it. First in the listing is setting up your own Google My Business Page!

If you’re not familiar, Google’s My Business is an app that creates a profile of your business for others to see when they search for business on the Google browser. It has everything. Your logo, company name, store address, images, prices, business overview, and much more. Plus, the best part is that it’s FREE! So, this is something to set up for yourself.

Next, join your local Chamber of Commerce and place ads with them. The Chamber of Commerce is a suitable place to advertise your small business. You can reach new people in the community and if you are on a limited budget, it will not break the bank for an ad on the COC’s website. The best part is that you open the door to build relationships with other local business owners. This can lead to our third listing. Affiliate or Partner-Based advertising.

Affiliate or Partner-Based Ads are considered a low-budget, but high-impact strategy for small business owners. For this category, you partner up with another business owner, an influencer blogger, or even a YouTube Channel. In turn, they will promote your products and services in exchange for a percentage of the profits. This would be optimal for a start-up that needs quick lead generation and to start building a brand reputation.

Fourth on the list, advertising on social media. Most new business owners are aware of this outreach. Right now, there are almost 5 billion people worldwide using social media platform. For the price, without spending a fortune, you can tailor your ads to reach your exact customer profile group. This is a must have if you are planning an online store.

Number five. Become a business member of your local Better Business Bureau. This draws back to promoting you as a reputable business and reinforces consumer confidence in prospective customers. Also, if you are entering a highly competitive industry, BBB membership allows you to take advantage valuable resources and tools to help you out. Plus, your BBB listing acts like its own ad.

Finally, number six. Wrap your service vehicles. This one could be a little pricey, depending on your budget. However, it is an investment that will pay for itself later. You’re a driving billboard for your business and you can customize the ad message any way you want. It grabs attention, its non-aggressive advertising, you can reach a wider audience, and best of all it protects your vehicle from scratches.

So, these are some of the best ways to help get your message out and attract new customers. At Paul Whittler Graphics we love to help small businesses and start-ups with business cards, logos, brochures, websites, and a whole lot more. Calls us at (915) 581-7054 or visit us at