Remember, Your Focus Is Your Audience

In a digital world where your message is competing with everyone elses, your marketing content needs to be not only compelling and genuine, but also remember to focus on your audience.

A smart colleague once told me that when I market myself to others, I have to keep their needs and benefit in mind. Not just to “trumpet” my overall greatness. It’s hard sometimes as a business owner not to tell everyone how “you’re the best in what you do.” And in marketing you do need a slight element of boasting, if you will. However, as the saying goes “it’s not all about you.”

It’s a delicate balance of revealing your personality, establishing trust, and delivering service. Your message should not include any type of deception. What it should do is hold your potential customer’s attention and provide to them an outlet to potentially meet their needs.

When creating your marketing message, “think outside the box.” Picture yourself as the potential customer seeing your message for the first time. Is it giving them the essential information about your business that they need, without excessive details? Is the overall design compelling and easy to comprehend?

In this instance, being both personable and informative is important. Show your audience a glimpse of the owner behind the business, without making yourself feel too vulnerable. What unique qualities can you reveal about you and your business that would attract customers?

The secret behind compelling marketing content is the creation of something which attracts people who are looking for the promise of fulfilling a need, which you then help deliver.


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