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Using Your Company Story As A Marketing Tool

Using Your Company Story As A Marketing Tool

As a business owner, it’s important to stay informed on all of the latest marketing trends as best you can. However, you also have to realize that many of these strategies and trends will go out of style just as quickly as they arrived. So, as an owner wanting to promote and grow your business, what do you do? Something that can be compelling, relevant, and all yours, is your company story. You know, how and why your business came into existence.

Essential Branding & Design For Business

Essential Branding & Design For Business

Essential and effective brand design is extremely important for all businesses that are in competition with each other for growth and success. The days of an “okay” or “good” design is not an option anymore. You need to trust a professional to help your brand stand out from the competition. If you have no idea where to start your design journey, the following are some guidelines you should keep in mind when brainstorming or when you sit down with a graphic designer or marketing professional.

Things To Consider When Developing A Social Media Marketing Plan

We truly are living in a digital age. The importance of social media marketing in business has especially shown this to be true. More and more of a business’ marketing dollars are being spent on online and app promotion. I’ve seen this myself as a marketing professional. With this in mind, how as a business owner looking to be current and viable, are you going to plan your next marketing campaign?

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