Marketing Your Business During The Pandemic

By Paul F. Whittler


COVID has affected every small business owner and entrepreneur in some degree. Although some businesses are doing well in this current economic environment, others are hard hit. Some will see their doors close. What should you be doing as a business owner right now? The answer is don’t stop marketing your business during the pandemic. 
I always tell my clients to mark 3% of their budget expenditure for marketing. In these uncertain times, I more than understand the hesitancy to do so. If you feel that money for promotion is not there for you to budget, then “pivot”. Pivoting is a word that has sprung up since the appearance of COVID and its aftermath that has hit America. Basically, you need to adjust your marketing plan and be creative with it. Let me explain. 
In this modern age of communication, business owners have a wide variety of ways to reach out to potential customers. Many of them are FREE. From social media staples such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. To relatively inexpensive sign-up services, like MailChimp and Constant Contact email campaign deliverables. Even the use of Zoom, Google Meet, and WebEx are great tools to get your business out there to the public! Myself, I use a healthy combination of those channels mentioned above, plus I find local networking groups to speak to about my company. Many of those are free to join. 
The point I want to make to you, the business owner, is that not to “fall off the radar.” Keep your online presence and marketing plan moving forward. Keep the public’s eyeballs on your business and sustain consumer awareness. Believe me, it will be a lot harder to “ramp up” your promotional plan from square-one, than to keep it consistent and have customers find you quicker. 
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