Keys For Truly Great Branding For Small Business

By Paul F. Whittler

Businesses of any size, but in particular small businesses, rarely spend sleepless nights wondering about what impact their potential branding/marketing will have on the success of their venture and its bottom line. It is indeed important, however, in key ways.

Great branding is like a great business plan. The graphic design used sets the tone for your business’ brand, introducing it to a new market, making it reach more customers, building a relationship with them, and finally, persuading them to take action.

What are the successful keys to genuinely great branding? First, look at what inspires you. Is there a business or company that you really like? Maybe it is their color scheme used. Maybe you like the way their logo is set. When starting from “square one,” take a minute to look around and see what aspects of different business branding catches your eye. Then, take those aspects and start crafting them to make them your own.

Next, when considering a new logo, think of what kind of message, effect, or feeling you want your customers to come away with. Most of the time, you want to convey trust, quality, dependability, etc. to attract new customers. Depending on your business, even being “fun” or “fast” is a good thing. Remember you are always communicating to potential customers about who you are and what you stand for. Always relate positivity.

An equally important key in great branding for small business is simplicity. More does not necessarily equal better. Keeping consistency with font and use of blank space can highlight designs and make branding more easily transferrable across different marketing products (brochure, hats, tees, shirts, cards, etc.). You are striving for a “clean” and easily recognizable design that can be readily processed in the minds of your customers.

The final key for great branding is your mind. Be creative. Let your imagination out. Now, understandably, you may tell yourself that you are not inventive or artistic. Not true. Find what inspires you and work off that. Each one of us is creative in our own way. Even if you cannot draw or paint, you can design in your head. Then, you can take your design and bring it to life through a graphics person or a design app.

If anything, the takeaway from reading this article should be two things. One, that branding/marketing play a pivotal role in your business’ success and should not be overlooked. And secondly, great branding is a simple extension of who you are and what you represent to your customer. Best wishes.