How To Choose the RIGHT Graphic Designer For Your Business

You are a business owner in the market for a graphic designer, but you don’t know where to start in finding one. Sure, you can Google search designers near you, and that’s a start; but to find one who will be the RIGHT graphic designer for your business involves a lot more consideration.

There will be plenty of quality designers out there who have the talent to deliver wonderful work. However, talent plays only a small part in your search. Cost is another factor, of course, but don’t let this be your driving consideration. Remember, this is your business, your “baby”, don’t go cheap or you’ll get cheap.

So other than these obvious factors explained above, what do you need to keep in mind when deciding on a graphic designer to help your business? Let’s list ten factors that are equally important in choosing the right person/group:

  1. They are easy to work with. A smooth working relationship between you, the client, and the designer is essential for creating quality work and overall satisfaction. Look into customer reviews and see what other customers have said about the designer and how well they worked together.
  2. Is the designer committed to your project’s success? Again, you want to have a good work relationship with your designer. With that, comes the designer’s enthusiasm and willingness to do his best in regards to your project. If you are “just another client”, that attitude should not be acceptable to you. You can find better!
  3. Is the designer innovative and/or a problem solver? Your preferred designer should not only have artistic skill, but be contemporary with the ongoing trends in graphic design. Also, the designer should be able to help you articulate your ideas on the project and overcome any design “road blocks.”
  4. Portfolios are great, but don’t totally rely on them to judge a designer’s aptitude. Choosing graphic designers based on their portfolios alone isn’t the best strategy, especially when it comes to top-level agency work. Instead, ask potential candidates about the designs in their portfolio and what inspired them to make those particular choices. That way you have a better understanding of how the designer works creatively, plus how you can complement their inspiration if you decide to work together.
  5. Ask what will be required from you. It’s always a good idea to ask designers what they will require from your company in order to achieve the best possible results. This could apply to physical items like documentation and artwork, and also time-related tasks like proofing concepts, discussing design choices, and giving feedback. The more you can understand the designer’s process upfront, the smoother the overall project will go.
  6. Talk about the designer’s inspirations. This harks back a little to #4. Take the time to understand what motivates each designer you interview. By getting an idea of the different brands, websites, books, and artists that they draw inspiration from, it will give you a much better sense of their style. This conversation may also help you discover additional ideas or unique design elements for your project.
  7. Does the potential designer have any knowledge or experience with your industry? Although not a prerequisite, it helps if a graphic design candidate has experience within your industry, even if it’s as a consumer. Having this knowledge could eliminate much of the learning curve required to get up to speed on your business and make your project a success. It also ensures that the designer will have a good idea of how to connect with your ideal customers.
  8. Consider a trial project to start. A great way to narrow your field of graphic design candidates quickly is to offer a small sample project that would only require a few hours to complete. This could be anything from designing a simple logo to touching up a prior project; it doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult task as long as it showcases each applicant’s talent. Just remember — candidates should be paid for the trial project.
  9. Does the designer relate and understand your brand and target audience clearly? This point ties in with #7. While you know exactly what your company does on a daily basis and what differentiates it from others, it’s easy to forget that your potential designers may not be so tuned in. So, in this case, can the candidate easily grasp what makes your business function and who’s the consumer?
  10. Is the designer onboard with your goals and expectations for the project? Any successful project starts by you, the client, providing enough background information to the talent you’re trying to attract. Prepare materials going into your first meeting with a potential designer. Give as much detail about your company, the objectives of the project, and the specific qualifications you’re looking for. This is not only a time-saver when meeting, but it also ensures that candidates will have a good understanding of the project and gauge whether they can meet your expectations before submitting a proposal.

Finally, searching for a graphic designer needs not to be an anxious or dreary process. If you are prepared and know what you are looking for in marketing your business, the rest will take care of itself.


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