DYI Website Services Vs. Hiring a Web Developer...Which Is Better? It Depends

By Paul F. Whittler

So, as a web developer myself, I will do my utmost to be unbiased on this topic. It's a tricky one as well. Going the DYI route has its advantages, but so does hiring a pro.

As with most things, cost is a factor. Yes, it is much cheaper to go with a DYI service. In addition, as noted by sba.gov, which method you choose depends on needs, timing, and internal capabilities.

Many times, businesses use a DYI service if the website they are building is their very first one ever. They want online presence quickly. Great thing about DYIs are hosting, security, and software fixes are handled by the platform. Also, website content updates can be made instantly. Finally, the website design templates DYIs use are very professional looking.

However, there are drawbacks. One is lack of customization and lack of template variety. Your finished DYI site, minus small details, will look like a thousand other sites already out there. You are pretty much "locked" into what your web template can offer. Also, if you aren't that much of a computer wiz, it can be time consuming to navigate a DYI setup. Time you could be using to focus on running your business and acquiring customers. Finally, if you decide to change platforms, you can't transfer your site to another service. You'll have to start all over again from scratch with the new DYI platform. Now, let's look at hiring a professional web developer.

According to sba.gov, most businesses who hire a web developer already have a website running. They generally are looking to upgrade their existing site. Maybe, they need more attributes, like video links or more specialization. A lot of times, businesses who hire a web developer have already seen success with their existing website and want to invest more to reach higher goals.

Advantages of hiring a web developer include getting exactly whatever design and functionality you want. Everything is customized to your needs. Also, unlike a DYI service, with a web developer you can also have a customized web address URL. This adds to your online credibility. All the hard labor is handled by the developer and in most cases, you are working one-on-one with the person creating your site. Questions and problems are handled quickly. Now the drawbacks of hiring a developer.

Really, the main issue in a side by side comparison with a DYI is cost. If your business is on a strict budget, DYI paid monthly plans run around $30 a month. Meanwhile, depending on the web developer, their operation size, and the region they work in, some sites can range from the hundreds to even five figures in cost. Finally, using a developer to create your website means your business is responsible for hosting, upkeep, and protecting your site from malevolent breeches. Unless the web developer has their own hosting in place, then generally, upkeep and site protection are part of their offered service.

So there you have it. A side by side comparison of the two ways to create a business website. Which is right for your business? The answer is the option that best fits your needs at the current moment.

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