Benefits of Using A Pro To Help Brand Your Business

As a graphic designer, I commonly hear the phrase, “I’ve got a (friend, cousin, brother, etc.) that is going to create my logo.” My first response, believe it or not, is positive. I say, “Great! Are they in marketing, design, or are some type of visual artist?” Nine times out of ten the answer is “Eh, no. But he’ll do it for free.” That is NOT how you want to brand your business, especially a start-up. Learn about the benefits of using a pro to help brand your business.

When a person first looks into opening a business for him/herself, one looks at all aspects of its operation and financial structure prior to swinging open the doors for customers. You need to have that same mentality with your branding. Remember, this is YOUR business and you might have everything else planned perfectly to a “T,” but if your visual representation looks like a third-grade art project, your potential customer confidence level in your business may take a hit! Hiring a graphic designer might seem like an unnecessary expense at first – especially if you are a start-up – However, in the end, it’s a long-term investment that will pay off with desired new customers.

Like nearly everything in life, first impressions make or break us. Your new business logo, if created by a professional, should have multiple elements that are included in its creation. A graphic designer will take the key messages of your business and turn them into a visual icon that will catch people’s attention and encapsulate your brand. In addition, your business receives a powerful aid in making it easier to build the rest of your brand around the logo. Finally, it will present a professional image of your business which will convert people into new customers!

The benefits of using a graphic designer are not limited to tapping into the designer’s experience or even ideas. Designers use specialized software to create dazzling designs that reflect your company color palate, specialized fonts, and unique style.

In conclusion, although the idea of using someone to create a “homemade” logo may sound appealing at first, think again. Your business’ future reputation, customer growth, and perceived value all rides on your company logo. Your visual calling card!



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